April 8

Freshly Cleaned Floors



I Hate Mopping Floors

I do. I used to hate vacuuming but now all of our house is hardwood, so I hate mopping floors.

Freshly Cleaned Floors

I love a freshly cleaned floor. Who doesn’t?

And when my grandson was younger, I tried really hard to have spotless floors when he came to visit.

It never worked, but I tried. (I have a large dog, and at the time, my youngest daughter, who smoked, still lived at home so we were always tracking in cigarette ash from the garage whether we meant to or not.)

I have issues with mopping a floor.

The Proper Tools

I feel as if you had the right tools, you could do a better job, and hopefully it would also be an easier one. And if they were pretty, that would be a bonus.

But I have yet to find a mop that I like. (If you have one, please tell me!) By the way, I found this on Pinterest if you’re looking for a mop too. I also found a “Twist and Shout” mop that has really good reviews. I may have to try this one! (By the way, those are just links, not affiliate ones. I’m not making any money from them.)

I don’t like Swiffers because I don’t think they do a thorough job. But I use them, because it’s better than nothing and they’re helpful for when you need to clean something up quickly.

I even have a steamer, and that was OK, but it was kind of like vacuuming, plus my husband used it once and put tonic water in it.

Did you know that tonic water has sweetener in it?

He didn’t. Our house smelled like cotton candy. It took him all day to get the stickiness off the floors.

So anyway, you need a good mop, a bucket of hot water, and some vinegar.

That’s what my Aunt Mae taught me, and she had the best floors around.

Prep Work

Before you can really mop the floor, you need to move as much as you can out of the room and then sweep it.

Getting as much dirt off before you mop is a good start.

Now is also a great time to throw the rugs into the wash.

I think you should have a bucket dedicated to washing floors. That way, your husband isn’t using it for who knows what and leaving stuff in the bottom of it. You can’t clean a floor with a dirty bucket.

Fill your bucket with hot water. I use hot because it dries faster and I have no patience. Plus I have a large dog who likes to wander in and see what I’m doing. Less paw prints this way.

I add about a cup of plain white vinegar to the bucket. Vinegar is a wonderful disinfectant and cleaner and it’s cheap. This is definitely a Costco purchase.

And no wax. Once in a while, we will use one of those products that you squirt on to shine the floor, but not often.

Before I begin mopping, I like to turn on some good music, and I also turn the ceiling fans on to help with drying.

Getting It Done

I don’t need to tell you how to mop a floor; you already know that.

You even know not to mop yourself into a corner.

The one thing that I have found, that you may not know, is that it helps a lot to set a timer before you begin. Just make sure the timer is by where you finish up, not where you started.

Why a timer?

Well, if you’re like me, and hate to mop, it helps to know how long it takes.

I have a good sized kitchen, and even with moving all the stuff out, and sweeping the floors first, I think the whole job took me about 20 – 30 minutes.

In the scheme of things, that’s not bad at all.

Of course, it doesn’t take the family room, dining area, and living room into account, but they can wait for another day.

If you’re looking for more cleaning tips, check out the Resource Library. You can get the password by signing up below.

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