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Cleaning Out the Coat Closet



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It’s Time to Start Cleaning Closets!

Cleaning out a closet is never fun – there’s always so much stuff in there! Unless of course, you’re a minimalist and have adopted a capsule wardrobe. But cleaning a coat closet isn’t so bad, because it’s so small.

cleaning out the coat closet2 Overwhelmed Home the coat closet is the easiest closet to clean because it is so small.

Now we don’t really need spring cleaning to clean out our closets, but a little seasonal rearranging never hurts.

Today, though, we’re going to talk about cleaning one of the easiest closets of all: the coat closet.

Now that spring is officially here (even if it did snow today at my house), we can get the winter apparel cleaned and put away until late fall.

Why Your Coat Closet is Important

Unlike other closets in your home, this one not only spends months at a time unopened, but it is perhaps the only one your guests are likely to see.

So let’s try and make it clean, tidy, and maybe even a little special. A guest who is impressed by how nice your coat closet looks and how much care you take with it will think the same of the rest of your home.

Let’s Begin

As with all closet cleanouts, we need to start by emptying it, so be sure to allow enough time for this task. You don’t want things laying around on the furniture or the floor.

Most likely (hopefully) we will have no use for our heavy winter coats until late November, so now is a good time to clean them before they get stored away.

Check to see which ones can be washed and which ones need to go to the dry cleaner. And check all of the pockets while you’re at it! Anything you find, you get to keep!

Set aside the dry cleaning coats, or if you’re forgetful, put them in the car so they can be dropped off.

You can start a pile for the coats that need to be washed; you may have hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves to add too.

Take all of the boots out as well. Any ones that got put away dirty go directly to the garage. Their owner can clean them up before putting them back.

Clean Out That Closet!

Start by clearing out any cobwebs, then dust the shelves and the rod. Finish by sweeping the floor. Remember, work from top to bottom.

While you’re at it, you might want to check the door itself for dust (top of the door, too), and any dirt or scuff marks. This is especially important if your door is painted.

If you have scuff marks, try and scrub them off with a sponge or cloth. A Magic Eraser will work, but often leaves the paint where you used it a little dull and flat. It depends on the paint and the sheen you used.

Don’t forget the inside walls of the closet!

Protect Your Wool Coats and Hats

If you have any woolen items – coats, scarves, etc. – you want to make sure to store them properly so that they don’t attract moths. Cleaning is a good start.

According to Martha, moth balls and cedar aren’t completely effective. A better idea is to store them in plastic containers or zippered bags. If your home doesn’t have air conditioning, and the articles might be exposed to a lot of humidity, wrap the items in cotton first. A sheet will work.

Now Let’s Fancy That Closet Up!

Just like your half bath that the guests use, you can afford to get a little fancy with your coat closet.

Some of these ideas are easy and simple to do, yet will add a little bit of “extra” to your closet.

And some, I will admit, might take a little time, but will definitely be worth it.

So, to begin with simple and easy, you could:

  • Mop the floor. Maybe even add some shine with one of those cleaners.
  • Add a cute throw rug.
  • Get some new wooden hangers that all match. They don’t cost that much, and they are better for your helping your clothing retain it’s proper shape.
  • Put a cute basket or two on the shelf for gloves, mittens, and hats.
  • Get one of those scarf hangers for the scarves.
  • Add a tray for boots. You should have one anyway for the winter to protect your floors.
  • Hang a nice air freshener in there. I use the ones from Yankee Candle, with scents like fresh linen, so it’s not too feminine. Or you can try these; they help with odors and moisture.

Make it a Project

So if you really want your closet to shine, here are some ideas to take it up a notch:

  • Give it a nice coat of paint. Don’t forget the rod, if it’s a wooden one.
  • Install one of those closet organizing systems. Since it’s such a small space, it won’t be too expensive.
  • Add a light inside. You can add ones that use batteries instead of hard wiring it.
  • Add some shoe racks. And don’t forget boot shapers, that will keep your boots upright and looking better longer. I like these ones; they’re colorful, cute, and you get a 5 pack for less than $13.00.

Clean in No Time

You can have your coat closet clean in no time, and have everything put back in.

You can always save the little extras and do them bit by bit. It’s always a special treat to open a closet door and see something neat, clean, and pretty!

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