​​​​About Brenda

Brenda Nicholson

Hi! I’m Brenda.

I’m the blogger here at The Overwhelmed Home, and I’m so glad you’re here!

Just like you, I’m busy all day long.

I’m a blogger – with two blogs (maybe more), a wife, mom to a Golden doodle (a couple of grown up kids and a grandma too), a sometime crafter, and more.

When I get a chance, I love to cook a good meal in the kitchen. Feeding people is my love language.

Home is an Important Thing to Me

The idea of home, the reality of making it your own, the feeling of welcome that it invokes – I’ve always wanted that.

And I’m lucky that for many years, I’ve had that.

But It’s Hard Sometimes

We are all in different seasons of our lives, but there are plenty of times when your house just gets away from you.

Maybe you’re working a job, caring for children, or being caretaker to someone you love.

I’ve been there.

Life can change, and sometimes the very thing that you look to for solace and comfort has changed too.

Maybe your home is cluttered, in need of organizing, or just a good cleaning. You wonder when you’ll find the time.

I’ve Got Solutions

At this season in my life, I’ve been through a lot.

I’ve had problems, and I’ve solved more than a few.

I can teach you about keeping your home clean in less time – and still have time on the weekends for fun.

Decluttering and organizing what’s left.

And I’ve got lots of ideas to get dinner on the table! Just be warned – I don’t measure anything and I rarely make the same dish the same way twice!

And money?

Yes, we’re going to talk about money.

I know that one can be hard. But we can do it.

I’ve even got a few ways that you can make some more of it – if you’re interested.

Thank You

Thank you for being here, for visiting this little online home of mine.

I’d love it if you would follow me on social media, and I have a lot of great (free) things in the Library for you.

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