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messy closet, the monthly purge and why you need it

What is a Monthly Purge? A monthly purge sounds a little gross, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. It’s really a good thing. Basically once a month you go through an area of your home – more if you’re ambitious – and clear out anything that you no longer need. Maybe it’s clothing you no longer wear […]

Do You Have a Weekly Routine? woman washing hands

Do You Have a Plan? Do you have a weekly routine? Or even a daily one? I think so many of us these days get through life just bouncing from one thing to another. There is no real plan of any kind. The only structure that any of us have is our work schedule. You […]

Cleaning The Kitchen: The Daily Version

The Heart of the Home Do you think that’s still true? People used to say that the kitchen was the heart of the home, but I think that was when women mostly stayed home instead of going to work. There were way more home cooked, made from scratch meals, and the whole family gathered around […]

daily routine, success

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like? Are most of your days the same? Is that by design or accident? You know, a daily routine is the key to success. That’s true for almost anything. You can get more done, quickly and more easily if you have a plan that you follow each day. Now […]

To Do, Time

What’s on Your To Do List? Or maybe I should ask, how many things are on your to do list? If there’s say, more than 20, then you have more stuff to do than time to do it in an average week. Yes. I said week. Not day. You can’t possibly get 20 things done […]

How to Clean the Bathroom without the Gross Out Factor OH

The Worst Job in the House Is it possible to clean the bathroom without encountering the gross out factor? I think so. It just requires a little more attention, I guess you would say. A little attention, spent each day, leads to less attention needed by the end of the week, which equals no gross […]